Our Services


  • Our collaborative approach enables our clients to communicate their stories in a unique and sharable manner, while meeting their objectives. 



  • As the Digital Storyteller for the Arts Club Theatre Company, we have the rare and privileged pleasure of sharing the stories that go in to every production.

Recent Collaboration


  • Introducing the 2019 Kestrel Boa.  The newly revised Kestrel Boa now offers an optimised fit for all foot shapes thanks to its combination of Velcro and Boa closure systems.  See more on adidas.com

Event and Portrait Photography


  • Photography is more than just capturing a picture of somebody; it's an artistic representation of a person's experience and attitude.



  • Pacheedaht First Nations has begun an internal process to preserve their rich culture and history. Moonrider Productions had the honour of being invited to attend a Potlatch in Port Renfrew, the first in over 30 years. This is where we met Alec and his family.



  • Named after a Sufi word that translates roughly as "breath of life" or "blessing," Baraka is Ron Fricke's impressive follow-up to Godfrey Reggio's non-verbal documentary film Koyaanisqatsi. 

About Us

The Background

Drawing on years of sales representation, travel and an active lifestyle Mark Halliday created Moonrider Productions to become a modern digital storytelling company. Though videography, event photography and video editing services, we tell the stories of community, theatre and business promotion. Our clients are an eclectic mix of theatre, small business, non profit and the occasional action sport hero.  We are Vancouver based business.

We all have a story to tell, let us tell yours.