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Moonrider Productions is an innovative company that is focused on digital storytelling. We often act as an extension of our clients' marketing teams. Our collaborative approach enables our clients to communicate their stories in a unique and sharable manner, while meeting their objectives. 

We focus our lenses on Theatre, Small Business, Promotion, Event Capture, and Portraiture Photography.

Clients include the Arts Club Theatre Company, Weissach, TedTalks, Arcteryx, The Fresh Chapter Alliance, the University of British Columbia as well a numerous local companies and theatrical/music groups. Moonrider Productions follows the credo that we all have a story worth sharing. Using our creative eye and editing  techniques we passionately bring performance, community and humanity into the story. That passion has shaped Moonrider Productions into a unique and a versatile modern storytelling company.

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Moonrider Productions

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada